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David James Hamby, AIA email
NEW MEXICO: (970) 618-3430, 400 Corona, Santa Rosa (Mail to: 1031 S.3rd St., Santa Rosa, NM 88435)
HAWAII: (808) 377-6501, 55 South Kukui Street #2913, Honolulu, HI 96813
NEW YORK: (970) 618-3430, 1642 58th Street #1F, Brooklyn, NY 11204

After working for a number of years in the construction trades David J. Hamby went on to study Architectural Design and Structural Analysis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. David was part of the "Home of the Future" project at the start of MIT's House_n program. He also received a Certificate in Landscape and Topography from the Centro Studi per il Territorio in Anghiari, Italy.

Working for residential design firms in Aspen, Colorado he developed custom home concepts and produced construction documents with a focus on the texture and connection of building materials in keeping with the Rocky Mountain environment. He later moved into private practice first in the Aspen area and then in Hawaii. Invited to act as project manager in Kona, David moved from Honolulu to the Big Island to coordinate the drawings for the construction of a dozen custom luxury resort homes. Since then he has returned to private practice both in the islands and on the mainland.

Along with design and construction David's interests continue to include materials science and product development.

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